Marge Piercy-Peace in a time of war

Peace in a time of war

A puddle of amber light
like sun spread on a table,
food flirting savor into the nose,
faces of friends, a vase
of daffodils and Dutch iris:

this is an evening of honey
on the tongue, cinnamon
scented, red wine sweet
and dry; voices rising
like a flock of swallows

turning together in evening
air. Darkness walls off
the room from what lies
outside, the fire and dust
and blood of war, bodies

stacked like firewood
burst like overripe melons.
Ceremony is a moat we have
crossed into a moment\'s
harmony, as if the world paused—

but it doesn\'t. What we must
do waits like coats tossed
on the bed, for us to rise
from this warm table,
put on again and go out.

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